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Welcome to MySoccerExercises.com!

MySoccerExercises.com is an online application, which we developed for soccer coaches. This application will  allow coaches to easily draw their own diagrams, exercises and training session, archive them and most importantly save and print them.

There are lots of programs like this available and most are designed to make diagrams, but they often lack the flexibility in adding text. This program has been designed to allow you to make complete exercises and training sessions. You are not bound to a fixed template, you can design your layout any way you want. Whether you want to make a single diagram, a complete exercise or an entire training session, this program allows you to do so. Whether you want to print 1, 2, 3 or 4 exercises on 1 page, include 1 or 2 diagrams in 1 exercise or add lots of text or little text? Anything is possible with MySoccerExercises.com. You design your own templates, so the choice is yours? Furthermore, all your diagrams, exercises, training sessions and templates are saved online, which allows you to access your own library from anywhere. MySoccerExercises.com takes care of all storage and back-ups, so no more worries about a computer crash.

The best part of this application is probably the price. SoccerCoachingInternational subscribers pay €12,99/year for access to MySoccerExercises.com. This includes all future updates and new features! Not a SoccerCoachingInternational subscriber: no problem! You can still gain access to the editor. Non-subscribers pay €29,99 / year.


November 15th, 2010
MySoccerExercises.com is now available!